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JY60 Straightening Calendar
Release time:2014-08-19 16:03
Specification JY60
Raw Material Diameter Range(mm) 
(excluding drawing material)
Tensile Strength σb≤450(M pa) Φ15≤d≤Φ60(L ≥2000)
Tensile Strength σb≤1000(M pa) Φ15≤d≤Φ58(L ≥2000)
Surface Hardness ≤HB380(≤HRC42)
Straightness(mm/m) ≤3
Diameter Tolerance Bright Steel ≤IT10
Circular Degree d≤50 ≤50% of diameter tolerance
50<d≤60 ≤65% of diameter tolerance
Diameter Range(mm) 
(excluding drawing material)
  Finished Products Straightness(mm/m) Bright Steel≤0.30
Diameter Tolerance Bright Steel≤IT8
Surface Roughness(Ra) Bright Steel≤0.8μm
Roller Quantity (Pcs) 2
Roller Diameter(mm) Φ260
Straightening Feeding Speed(m/min) 2.5~12
Main Machine Motor Power (KW) 30 X 2
Lifting Motor Power(KW) 3.0
Outline Dimensions
(for your reference)
Main Machine 6.6mX2.3mX1.7m
Full Set(including auxiliary machine) 16mX3.6mX1.7m
(for your reference)
Main Machine 8.0 T
Full Set (including auxiliary machine)12.0 T
Total Capacity(for your reference) 70
Compressed Air Source(user prepare by themselves) 0.5~0.8MPa、3m3/min、twp-stage oil-water separator