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WXC80B Centerless Lathe
Release time:2014-08-19 16:24
Specification WXC80B
Diameter Range(mm) Φ21~Φ85
Raw Material Length(mm) ≥2200
Tensile Strength (M pa) ≤1100
Surface Hardness ≤HB320
Curvature(mm/m) ≤1.50
Diameter Tolerance According to GB 702-88 second group
Roundness ≤50% of the diameter tolerance
Surface Roughness(Ra) ≤25~50μm
Diameter Range Φ20~Φ80
Unilateral Cutting Depth (mm) 0.35~1.50
Diameter Tolerance ≤IT9 (standard tolerance grade)
Surface Roughness(Ra) ≤6.3μm
Roundness ≤0.03mm
Feeding Cutting Speed(m/min) 1.0-10.0(for continuous chips and high strength and
hardness should reduce the speed)
Cutter Head Rotational Speed(rpm) 430~1200
Main Machine Motor Power(KW) 55
Auxiliary Machine Motor Power(KW) 5.5 X 2(Four Poles)
Main Machine Outline Dimensions
(Length*Width*Height) m
3.0m X 3.5m X 2.4m ( for your reference)
Full Set Machine Outline Dimensions
(including auxiliary machine)
(Length*Width*Height) m
15.0m X 5.0m X 2.4m ( for your reference)
Main Machine Weight
(including auxiliary weight) (T)
8.0 (11.5) ( for your reference)
Total Capacity(KW) 75
Compressed Air Source
(user prepare by themselves)
0.5-0.8Mpa,1.8m3/min、0.8m3 gasholder、
two-stage oil-water separator and compressed air freezing drier

Raw materials bending as small as possible, so as to better ensure product accuracy, the efficiency and the service life of equipment. If the raw material straightness is larger, turning before straightening, otherwise it will seriously affect the product precision, efficiency and life of equipment. If the raw head having severe flash, flat head and bending, turning before resection of flat head and a bent portion, flying edge chamfering.